“We’re not made of fragile glass. We won’t break that easily.”

Yesterday the City of Mississauga reneged on its agreement to honour pre-approved vacations. People who were expecting vacation pay suddenly did not receive it.

I emailed members to deliver the bad news, and to make it clear that the Employer is trying to make it harder for us to strike, to drive a wedge into our solidarity, and to break the strike.

Here’s how one member responded.

The City obviously doesn’t know their library workers very well!

They’re making the hazardous assumptions that we lack resilience, strength, intelligence, spirit, energy, and, of course, Solidarity.

Low blows by the city might sting but won’t knock us out. They’re underestimating us and it’s a mistake.

I know that everyone is out there grinding the pavement and hustling to send our message. I’m not surprised because it’s the same hustle and strength we bring to our jobs every day. We are the ones on the front lines making libraries work and connecting with customers on so many different levels.

We’re not made of fragile glass. We won’t break that easily.