CUPE 1989 Celebrates Ontario Public Library Week

October is National Library Month in Canada, and October 15-21 is Ontario Public Library Week. CUPE 1989 takes this opportunity to celebrate libraries and library workers.

Public libraries are vital to communities.

Libraries support and nurture early literacy, which is the single most important factor in children’s success in school and expanded chances in life.

Libraries help bridge the “digital divide”– the gap between those who have regular access to technology and those who do not — helping to reduce social inequality.

Libraries offer vital resources and support to newcomers, to help orient them to Canada.

Libraries extend community to older adults, who may be isolated or unable to access resources and entertainment on their own.

Libraries provide a safe space for teens and young adults, with quiet spaces to study and social spaces to learn skills, build confidence, and gain independence.

Libraries offer free computers and internet access to people who need them.

Libraries provide the most vulnerable members of our community with a safe space that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In Canadian public libraries, all this is free — supported by our shared public resources. Books, magazines, music, movies, apps — research, education, entertainment — tech, crafts, author appearances, artist showcases — and more.

Libraries work because we do.

What do the members of CUPE Local 1989 do?

We sort and shelve books, movies, music, and magazines so you can find them.

We transport those items between libraries so you can conveniently pick them up at your local branch.

We catalogue materials to make them accessible.

We process materials so we can track them, and keep our collection vibrant.

We create and lead storytimes for children and families.

We innovate and facilitate creative, hands-on programming for tweens, teens, and adults of all ages.

We help you find resources so you can access services and participate in your community.

We partner with educators and experts in our community to offer you a wide variety of exciting, innovative, free programming.

We respond to your requests and keep our collection responsive to your needs.

We introduce you to a wide array of digital resources and teach you how to use them.

We help you research, whether for school, or personal research for health, careers, crafts, and other needs.

We facilitate book clubs, author visits, and other literacy programming.

We connect local authors and artists with audiences.

We are passionate about libraries — and about our union.

We are hard-working, dedicated, educated library workers, who work together to create the Mississauga Library System. We contribute mightily to our community, and we believe that public libraries should be fully funded and fully staffed.

The members of CUPE Local 1989 welcome you to our libraries and remind you: libraries work because we do!