Happy Holidays from CUPE 1989

It’s been another big year for CUPE 1989, and as always, our union has big plans for the year ahead.

Looking back

In 2017 we:
• Submitted seven grievances:
3 grievances from individual members — we won two; the third, the member chose to withdraw
2 policy grievances — won both
2 policy grievances — going to arbitration in 2018

• Participated in mediation for two grievances from 2016, resulting in discussions with our Employer that made some progress

• Began a long-overdue Job Evaluation process

• Made big strides in our ability to enforce workplace Health & Safety standards

• Enjoyed a 1.75% pay increase for all members, a direct result of our 2016 strike

• Were honoured at the CUPE Ontairo Library Workers Conference

• Were honoured at the CUPE Ontario Convention

• Celebrated at a strike victory party at Biermarkt

• Celebrated our first “strike-aversary” and saw the 1989 banner raised at Mississauga City Hall for a day

• Enjoyed a group outing to a Mississauga Steelheads game

• Ratified our new bylaws and had them approved by CUPE National

• Sent 10 members to training, workshops, or other educational opportunities

• Welcomed 37 new members

• Celebrated seven members who retired, and said goodbye to two members who passed away

• Were invited to speak about lessons from our strike on five separate occasions

Looking ahead

In 2018, we will:

• Complete the JE process

• Enjoy improvements for part-timers under the new Ontario employment laws — which every active member helped create

• Arbitrate two grievances already scheduled

• Elect a new negotiating committee (i.e. bargaining team)

• Survey all members about priorities for our next round of collective bargaining

• And advance the rights and interests of every single member, every single day

Thank you for your labour!

The CUPE 1989 Executive Board wants to recognize all the workers who keep our society running so that we can enjoy our holidays: the transportation workers, health care workers, snow-plow operators, ambulance drivers, police officers, firefighters, and everyone else who doesn’t get a proper holiday so the rest of us can. Holidays: brought to you by the labour movement. The functioning society: brought to you by working people.

Best wishes to all for a safe, joyous holiday season!