International Women’s Day 2018: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

On International Women’s Day, celebrated around the world in March, there is special attention on so-called women’s issues. Equal pay. Affordable and accessible childcare. Violence against women. Reproductive rights. Poverty. Access to clean drinking water and affordable food. Human trafficking.

Are these women’s issues — or are they human issues?

Women’s issues don’t exist in a vacuum, some mythical place where only women live and feel the impacts of poverty, violence, and discrimination. These so-called women’s issues speak to the very core of our ability to lead decent lives. They affect women, men, and children of every gender.

A better world for women is nothing less than a better world.

CUPE 1989 joins CUPE Ontario, CUPE National, and the Canadian labour movement in wishing you a happy, strong, and meaningful International Women’s Day.